How to dress for church?

How to dress for church?

How to dress for church? And while we are at it first date!

My answer is simple, respectable and as if you were going on a first date. Yes, I know you may think I am crazy but every meeting with god should be treated as a date. You know that feeling and effort you put into your first date? What will you wear? What hairstyle should you use? How should you do your make-up?

Well for those who don’t have an idea of that feeling; I’ll knock two birds with one stone. On your first date you should wear something respectable nothing tight or anything that insinuates interest in a physical manner. Your hair and make-up should be subtle, after all the person you date should love you for who you are naturally; not who you could be with a different bone structure that you contoured into your face.

God has made you the way you are for a purpose, and he has made us all different to satisfy everyone’s taste. You are beautiful because you were made in his image! With that being said, don’t you think that that same effort should be put into our lord father! Does he not deserve the same dedication you put into impressing your date? Prove to him that every meeting is as important as your last with your beautiful church suits or church dress and don’t forget to shine in his presence with beautiful church hats and jewelry, let him feel your devotion with the commitment you put into your daily life, he deserves it! And don’t forget that the lord understands your needs for he sent his only son to walk into temptation, go ahead and get your money’s worth by wearing that church suit or jewelry on your date or special events after all it been blessed the moment you praised the lord in it.



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      Oct 14, 2019

      Church is the worship place for the Christians. all the Christian gathered on this peace full occasions. Read dissertation services review for more info as and wear different and beautiful dresses. it is very easy to choose the Dreese for the church occasions day. But the white shirt and black coat is the best dress.

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      Nov 1, 2019

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