What to wear this Easter Sunday?

What to wear this Easter Sunday?

Are you asking yourself what you should wear this coming easter? Look no further I am here to help you look modestly elegant for the big day we praise christ for his sacrifice. First of all spring is about rebirth, hence the spring cleaning and the resurrection. Now when a baby is born we decorated and clothe them in beautiful colors. Spring colors are vibrant and is usually represented by light shades of the following colors pink, blue, green, purple and yellow. So let us do the same for our rebirth this Easter Sunday but let us not forget our retro ladies who might want to go traditional with white. You are not limited to the dresses below, these just happen to be my favorite but the options are limitless only at divinechurchsuit.com

For those who want to wear Pink

Terramina 7389 church suit

Pink the color of love, why not show your love for god in this fuchsia  7389 Terramina Church Suit, it can be found at divinechurchsuit.com. This look is so versatile and timeless, save it for any other special event like mothers day, a baby shower or a wedding. You can alway pair it with it’s matching church hat or opt for a different style or color; easters all about color, have fun in your rebirth.

For those who want to wear Blue

Gmi 4622 church suit

In some nations blue is the color of calmness, trust and represents the element of water. Water is used to baptize the newborn, look at this beautiful royal blue GMI 4622 Church Suit. Show your trust in god in the modest ladies church suit and don’t forget to match it with it’s beautiful church hat. Get yours at divinechurchsuit.com

For those who want to wear Green

Devine Sports Ny 50143 green church suit

Green symbolizes nature, peace and harmony. Look at this green ladies church suit DS50143 By Devine Sport. With elegant ruffles,this particular green is pastel which is perfect for spring. This neutral color can be worn in a baby shower regardless of the gender or a family gathering.

For those who want to wear Purple

Moshita church suit

Purple is the color of wisdom and spirituality, this color is perfect for any first lady, teacher, adviser, etc. This Moshita 6372 Womens Church Suit is perfect for Easter Sunday modest fitting and timeless. Get yours today at divinechurchsuit.com

For those who love the color Yellow

Terramina 7378 yellow church suit

The color of joy! Why not show you joy for Christ and rejoice in his name in this beautiful pastel yellow 7378 Terramina Church Suit. This suit is so elegant, with a modest fit, flare skirt and can be combined with beautiful ladies church hat.

For the classical white

Elegant white church suit

White represents purity. Purify yourself this Easter Sunday in this beautiful church suit DS50152 By Devine Sport. With a beautiful silver floral design, elegant for any black and white event or mother of the bride. Available at divinechurchsuits.com


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